TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards Gold award by iF

Through Axle available for MTB. RoadDisc, and Fatbike.

High Efficiency & Quality Internal Cam Quick Release.

RapiLock Axle Finder

Download RapiLock Axle Fitting Chart to measure the dimensions of B, TP, and TL, then use Finder to determine right axle for you!
  • The cam system is designed and protected inside the alloy cap helps to reduce the resistance from operating and the loss from friction, therefore to optimize the efficiency.
  • Four brands in one axle system allow riders to choose and easily change the threads from Shimano, Sram, Syntace, or DT system only with a common tool.
  • While the axle is not in operation, the lever is completely hidden inside the axle body; in this position, the appearance of the bike will be concise and it will also increase the reliability of the locking system by avoiding impact with the lever.