Through Axle
through axle

G22-17CC/ G22-20CD / G22-1700

Through Axle / Fatbike

- 360º Lever Adjustment
- High Stiffness
- Tool-Free
- Safety Feature
- Compatible in Various System
- For Mountain, Road Disc, and Fat Bike
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Lever Material


Axle Material

Aluminum 7075-T6

Axle Diameter

12 mm


88g , 86g , 81g


B=172, 174, 166 mm for OLD 142 Hub

Safety/Quality Approvals
EN14781; ISO4210
  • The cam system is designed and protected inside the alloy cap helps to reduce the resistance from operating and the loss from friction, therefore to optimize the efficiency.
  • Four brands in one axle system allow riders to choose and easily change the threads from Shimano, Sram, Syntace, or DT system only with a common tool.
  • While the axle is not in operation, the lever is completely hidden inside the axle body; in this position, the appearance of the bike will be concise and it will also increase the reliability of the locking system by avoiding impact with the lever.